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TI AGM 2018 - The challenges and opportunities of digitalisation for the temperature-controlled supply chain"

Transfrigoroute International (TI) held its 2018 AGM in Paris. Following the association’s official meetings on 31st May, the 1st June was dedicated to discussing the “issues and challenges of digitisation for the temperature-controlled supply chain.”


Transfrigoroute France organised TI’s 2018 AGM in Paris in order to make the most of the FROID exhibition, which is open until the 16th September in the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. This ground-breaking temporary exhibition presents – in three languages (French, English and Italian) – the benefits of cold and its many uses.

The European Conference was held in line with the meeting of the LA CHAÎNE LOGISTIQUE DU FROID (a French association bringing together temperature-controlled transport companies and warehouses, as well as manufacturers of temperature controlling materials). This coordination allowed for French professionals to participate in TI’s AGM.

The 2018 AGM also saw the participation of ECSLA members (European Cold Storage and Logistics Association). The national member associations of Transfrigoroute International and ECSLA undoubtedly share the same issues and areas of concern.



The 63rd AGM of TI was made possible thanks to numerous companies which agreed to sponsor the event. 

The sponsors of the 2018 AGM (in alphabetical order):




Following the association’s official meetings on 31st May, Friday 1st June was dedicated to the theme of the “issues and challenges of digitisation for the temperature-controlled supply chain.”

Jean-Marc Platero, President of Transfrigoroute France, underlined in the introduction to the seminar that “we can all see how, even in the course of the last few months, the integration of new technologies and new ways of working into the work temperature-controlled road transport can contribute greatly to the improvement, optimisation, and speeding up of interactions between clients and service providers.”


Throughout the day, numerous experts and companies spoke to discuss and share their experience of the different forms of digitisation of the road-transport of goods under controlled temperature. 

Following an introduction by Matthias Maedge (IRU), focusing on the latest news on the Mobility Package, Arnaud Martin (AKANEA Développement) and Stéphane Péan (EIT Digital) introduced the theme by presenting their analysis of the state of play and the next steps in the digitization of the road transport of goods and urban connectivity. Afterwards, to give a concrete example of this, Dirk-Jan de Bruijn (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) presented the TULIP programme, which focuses on the platooning of HGVs in the Netherlands.

During the second half of the morning, René Bruijne (TransFollow), Stéphane Cren (GS1 France) and Thierry Grumiaux (FNTR) held a presentation and discussion on ‘going paperless’ with transport documents. It was evident that the digitisation of the consignment note is an important issue for suppliers and customers of the cold chain.

The afternoon consisted of 4 themed workshops.

The first workshop focused on “alternative energies for urban deliveries”, with representatives from Air Liquide, CEA (Commissariat of Atomic Energy), Renault Trucks and Scania participating. The speakers outlined the solutions available to firms which transport their goods by road, as a response to new local regulations. This is a matter of an action on the European level which specifically affects professionals providing cities with their daily requirements of food products.


The second workshop addressed predictive maintenance in the cold chain. Representatives of HGV manufacturers and materials producers DHOLLANDIALAMBERETMAN and MERCEDESexplained why and how new technologies (from artificial intelligence to augmented reality) can shift preventative maintenance towards predictive maintenance. Above all, this issue concerns professionals who, by the nature of the goods which they transport, cannot be susceptible to the slightest mischance. 

The third workshop was dedicated to the traceability of temperatures. Representatives from ADNOR, the businesses TESTO and VISIBLE DIGITAL, as well as Transfrigoroute France, discussed what digitisation can bring to what is the primary concern of the temperature-controlled transport sector. New technologies will soon be able to offer, on a continuous basis, large amounts of new data which can be applied, on a personalised basis, to every single link in the cold chain. During this workshop, the President of Transfrigoroute France indicated that French professionals are planning to build a national – or even European – database logging the temperature of the different transport segments.



The fourth and final themed workshop looked at autonomous vehicles. Representatives of KNORR-BREMSEMERCEDES and SCANIA presented the different levels of automation which have been achieved, and which remain to be reached, as well as the next steps for the road transport of goods. Furthermore, the expertise brought from an insurance professional (Allianz), a lawyer (Cabinet DECHEZLEPRETRE) and a transport researcher (LAET-ENPE) allowed the participants to consider the societal, legal and social implications of a coming revolution in transport and mobility.



In total, more than 150 people participated in the 63rd TI AGM, coming from the UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia, Portugal and Turkey. Such a level of participation is due to the vitality and the main concerns of the actors in the cold chain in Europe.   

All presentations of the TI AGM in Paris are available here.



Founded in 1955, at the request of the Committee of Internal Transport of the European Economic Committee of the United Nations, Transfrigoroute International (TI) is a specialised institution which oversees the activities of the sector of temperature-controlled road transport. The association gathers 11 national member associations in Europe, and counts around 1500 members active in the field of temperature-controlled logistics and of the transport of food products in road tankers.

Membership of TI is open to companies which provide transport services of food or perishable products in isothermal or refrigerated, to the manufacturers of commercial vehicles, lorries, refrigeration materials and accessories, as well as to technical testing bodies. 


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